HMA Home Stories - Part 3

"After spending the isolation in the country, the home office suits me very well! I had imagined my re-entry to the company to ba a little less spectacular...but we found fast and flexible solutions to continue working in a team. Through the weekly  online meetings and the HMA group chat, I´m always informed and I think I´m almost able to see more of the others in the digital room than if we were all sitting physically next to each other in the office. Despite all the above advantages, I´m hopefully looking forward to a coffee break with my our beautiful office." - Lena


"Technically the changeover was no problem due to the mutual support and good instructions. Personally, I had to get used to it a bit, as the daily work routine had to be adapted to the current situation. In addition, holding meetings with external people or coordinating with the authorities was a small challange first. At the moment I can say that I have got the flow out and working from home is a lot of fun. What I miss: My friends in the office. But for that we meet regularly even more in virtual coffee." - Nico


"For me it is a time to make everything slower and more conscious, a time to take new paths creativly and curiously. I find it incredible how adaptable we all are. Because everything changes within a very short time and we now work problem-free from the home office. Right now I´m sitting on the open balcony in front of my computer and working...I´m always looking forward to our virtual coffee breaks together! :) HMA shows again what a strong and cohesive team we are! No matter what happens, we remain active, optimistic and creative." - Paula