HMA Home Stories - Part 4

"What for some seemed to be an exotic challenge or privilege of independet creative people, became a lived reality in a matter of course within a few hours and intensive teamwork. For me personally, this experience is a valuable observation,...of a progressive, long since contemporary work culture, which will not only accompany digital nomads in the future!" - Stefan

"Well, first of all, there are two perspectives that are very present: On the one hand, I am very surprised how smoothly and quickly the switch to the home office has worked out. I am also very pleased with how well it works from a technical point of view. The project-related communication almost works better, I think because the limitions of video calls eliminate a lot of  distractions. The conversations are more concentrated and less distracting. On the other hand, however, deeper seated feelings that have to do with the overall situation become more and more present, at least in my case. It becomes more and more clear that this is not a matter that will be over in a month. We will have to deal with the inmediate cirscumstances for several more months and with the effects probably for at least a year, if not much longer. That may be a limitation, but on the other hand it is also positive, because it allows us to concentrate on the essential. Like everything else, it depends once again on what we make out of it. The way we manage this with our office, I think that we can get a good head start over our competitors. In this sense: Think positive!" - Manfred


"I´m still amazed at how flexible HMA is. With a good team spirit we started into a new working atmosphere. We stick together and continue to work without losing our humanity. That´s why we have taken our office tradition into the virtual space. Every day we learn something new and continue to grow. This time is also a challenge for all of us. For example, I miss the way home, so after work I always go for a walk around the block." - Sofia


"As a freelancer and even earlier as a student, I am used to repeatedly setting up my workplace in the living room. A completely new situation has arisen since the curfew and the quarantine - both my husband and my children are at home at the same time. While my husband can still move to the nearby office, the children are always there. In addition to the homeOffice, there are now also the learning hours, handcraft and play units in the afternoon, outdoor activities... All in all I can say that I have not been bored so far. Since my son has given me his room as my new study during the morning, the work works quite well. And thanks to the many programs for virtual meetings the exchange with my collegues is often and well. The communication with clients has also started well, only contacts with the authorities are limited to a minimum. All in all, we´ve gotten used to the new situation, but I´m already looking forward to when the daily routine returns - the daily routine of going to school, meeting with friends, getting out of the living room and back into the office." - Petra