HMA Home Stories - Part 5

"I am very proud to be a part of HMA - I see many people who enjoy working on complex projects; the cooperation and connection is great. HMA does not stand still - quite the opposite, because we grow with tasks and new challenges - a thank you for that. We are now almost routinely holding video conferences, construction and planning meetings on the net, project think tanks, coffee breaks, etc. as if we had always done it that way. This has power and gives us strength for new things - new things to think - new things to try. I also see the current situation as an opportunity for a complete rethink of operational processes. I look optimistacally into the future, which will be MORE different than we are used to. This with a great partner, a fantastic HMA team and with the project partners." - Wolfgang

"The transition to HomeOffice was smooth. The advantages of digitalization became more visible to me. It was surprising how easy it was to switch over and we can´t work depending on location. The exchange within the team is great, also with the whole office, with the clients and consultants is going very well! HomeOffice quickly became part of everyday life, even with some advantages, such as going for a run during the lunch break. Switching off work in the evening, when it is at the living room table, could be even better." - Nina


"Home office is a great thing, especially if you don´t come from Vienna like I do, which saves you trip to the office. The possibility of video conferencing nevertheless allows productive exchange with the officw! I find it a very pleasant way to work." - Jacqueline


"In these challenging times, I am grateful and incredibly proud of HMA. In a very short period of time, we have changed our working process in great cooperation, and continue to work at full speed (from the home office) on our clients and project partners, whom I experience as reliable and equally positive. In addition to the continuation of our projects, we are currently focusing our creative power and competence on the obvious development potential that this crisis reveals. Despite all the uncertainty in this disruptive time, I look optimistically into the future and see a time full of possibilities after Corona." - Georg