Living in the former barn in the middle of the green

Construction start: 2018

Location: 1210 Vienna

Completion: Spring 2019

Typology: single family house

Category: Residential building, conversion and aditional building

Construction method: solid construction

Usable floor space: 185m2

Material: bricks, reinforced concrete

Status: finished

The outer shell of a barn with a brick facade in Stammersdorf will be retained, and the interior will be extended to make the existing structure usable as a residential building. New living space with 185m2 usable area will be created, distributed on 2 levels.

Cut-in courtyard on the long sides allow views and ensure that the characteristec charm of the existing building remains present in the interior.

The narrow and 60m long property offers open spaces on both sides. An inviting front garden is located directly behind the historical border enclosure on the street side, which is typical for the ensemble.

The street side facade is broken up only by small window openings. On the south side, generous openings from the living room allow view from the cosy terrace and the idyllic garden.