Ein Dorf im Dorf

Alt Sievering, 1190 Vienna


Usable area: 3.100 m2

Year: 2022

Profession: Architecture


Historical Myths in Old-Sievering.

The building "Zur schönen Agnes" was once a shelter for pilgrims on their way to the nearby Agnesbründl, who hoped to find cure and wealth at this spring.

Today, this forgotten tale is brought back to the surface and retold as part of a residential project.

Located on the edge of the forest and in the middle of the Sievering vineyards, apartments and townhouses are being built in the charm of the surrounding village structure, combined with urban living comfort and generous open spaces. The old tree population creates associations with the neighboring Viennese forest and an extensive greening concept invites the residents to enjoy a variety of common areas. The majority of the tops are accessed via a greened arcade, with the apartments opening up towards the garden or roof. A new home in one of Vienna's most characteristic and charming outskirts.