Spectacular spatial impressions on a slope

Construction start: 2011

Location: 3002 Purkersdorf

Completion: 2012

Typology: Residential building

Category: residential building, interior design, single family house

Method of construction: solid construction

Usable floor space: 360m2 

Status: finished

The design challenge lay in the configuration of the site, characterised by the steep slope, the large difference in level and the development from bellow, as well as in the embedding in an unattractive and closely adjacent neighbourhood development.

Based on this, the considerable spatial programm was threaded as a vertical spatial stratification following the course of the slope along the laterally adjacent staircase connecting all floors like a spine:

On the top level is the spacious living area with a fantastic view. It was possible to fulfil the wish for the greatest possible transparency and at the same time absolute privacy by adding open areas such as courtyards, terraces, outdoor stairs, wellness courtyard or outdoor pool to the main volume on the sides by means of floor plan variations.

From the outside, the building appears hermetic towards the lateral basic borders, but from the inside, view in all directions are conceived and thus neither the hermeticism nor the proximity of the neighboring buildings is noticeable.

Spectacular spatial impressions that make each floor individual, views and variance are the ingridients that form the basis of this special hillside house.