Landstraße, 1030 Vienna


Usable area: approx. 12.000 m2

Year: 2022

Profession: Architecture

The 3rd district of Vienna offers great potential for a future-oriented office location due to the surrounding developments, such as the Research Institute or the Vienna University of Technology. The existing building on the site was not considered for sustainable use due to its low ceiling heights, the intention in this case was to recycle the building material on site and reuse it for the new façade elements according to the "cradle to cradle" principle. The focus of the design was on sustainability and the well-being of the occupants, which was achieved through a flexible floor plan grid that extends from the underground car park to the top floor, thus offering the tenant an open floor plan design.

PV modules on the roof supply the brine-to-water heat pump and make the entire office building energy self-sufficient.

The deliberate positioning of the stairs connecting the green space oases created in the inner courtyard with the publicly accessible roof terraces encourage movement in everyday life and are intended to actively influence the well-being of the users.

The design concept is rounded off by a fair amount of natural lighting through deliberately chosen tract depths and access to open spaces on every level.


Renderings: Krisztina Sardi