Freitag Store Wien

Neubau, 1070 Vienna


Usable area: 120 m2

Year: 2011

Profession: Interior Design

"The signs of the times"

For the flagship store of Freitag AG, a small-scale shop in Vienna Neubau was freed from the structural overgrowth of the last 50 years. The found wonderful patina of the surfaces on walls, floors and ceilings was taken up as a design element - completely in correspondence with the idea of Freitag products - upcycling of discarded truck canvases into weatherproof bags. The walls were merely washed, the floors only cleaned. The signs of the times should remain visible.

The furnishing was realized with the standard furniture of Freitag stores, which consists of recycled self-developed plug-in modules and cardboard boxes, supplemented with fiber cement panels as display surfaces, as well as punctual LED lighting.

In a construction time of only 6 weeks, the store was created in collaboration with Swiss colleagues CI Architekten Freitag AG and Spillmann Echsle Architekten. In the interplay of rough surfaces and recycled, modular furniture, the Freitag Flagship Store Vienna provides a tailor-made setting for the colorful bags shining in perfect light.

Foto credits: Andreas Buchberger