Freitag Store Wien

Flagship Store in Vienna

Construction Start: 2011

Location: 1070 Vienna

Completion: 2011

Typologie: Shop

Category: Retail, Interior Design

Usable floor space: 120m2

Status: finished

It was a salesroom divided into small sections, that seemed confusing due to a multiplicity of structural arrangements,done in the last decades. The half of the salesroom was in the rear wing, which wasn´t comprehensible from the front part of the store, and could be reached only through a small gangway and a stair. In collaboration with our swiss collegue (CI Architekten Freitag AG, Spillmann Echsle Architekten) we work on a draft, that should accomplish a functional resolving of the salesroom, and at the same time correspond to the Freitag Product´s thought (to convert recycled canvas covers for truck to watterproof bags), and all of this with a small budget. Therefore the creative leitmotif can be represented in the title "less is more". A broad room structure could be done through the demolition of the overgrowth of the last 50 years, so that you wouldn´t have any more the sensation of a confusing and into small sections divided store. The discovered patina in the surfaces, the floors and the ceilings were taken as design elements- the walls were merely washed and the floors were just cleaned. The signs of the time should be visible and should also stay. The original lighting in the window display improved electrical efficiency could be used again, and on the inside insdustrial spotlight were used. The salesroom was furnished with the standard Freitag store furniture