Willkommen im neuen HMA Büro

Meidling, 1120 Vienna


Usable area: 600 m2

Year: 2020

Profession: Interior Design

Imagine architects are designing an office for themselves.

How would they do it?

Definitely with lots of plants and large desks. With an open kitchen and bistro tables. With a sofa and armchairs to chill. With a shower to cool off. With project rooms that can be used in different ways depending on everyones needs. Fancy slogans in colored chalk and the company organigram on the wall. With flexible furniture, seating balls and maybe even a swing and a garden gnome.

We have all of that, but not just because plants are calming and ergonomic furniture is essential for a workplace. But also to create the best atmosphere for ourselves, as well as for our customers. Playfulness and imagination let us explore new paths and enter unexplored territory again and again. In our colorful project rooms we make our work visible, so that every decision, every planning step can be customized.

The company organigram and slogans are drawn on our walls because they reflect ourselves and our core values.

In the open kitchen and in the "HMA Market" we meet each other, brainstorm and exchange new ideas, which we then bring to perfection behind the curtain in our "backstage" area and in a concentrated environment.

We don't know how other architectural studios would have done it. We only know how we did it.

That's HMA

and that's how we roll.


Fancy a virtual tour of our office? Here's the link to our office video: https://vimeo.com/653682519

Foto credits: HMA