Wohnbau in 1120

Meidling, 1120 Vienna


Usable area: 2.000 m2

Year: 2019

Profession: Architecture

Across Vienna’s oldest spring the once „Gründerzeit“ residential building with its magnificent corner tower was enthroned until, only a few years after its completion, it suffers considerable damage in the Second World War. In the following post war years, a few pragmatic renovations were undertaken, which increasingly attenuated the charisma of the building.

It was a matter of the heart for us to reach back into history and restore the magnificent building to its full glory. The charm of the past was woven in with all facets of modernity from the basement up to the converted attic and crowned with a golden roof cladding. In the inner courtyard beats the green heart with private gardens, generous balconies and a roofs cape.

Foto Credits: Christian Henninger, Sofia Korcinskaja