HMA Home Stories - creative, optimistic, activ

In this extraordinary time we are specially inspired and motivated to stay together as HMA, to creatively explore new ways of working and to break new ground together.

Here we want to share how each of us and so we as a team take on these challenges, experience change and look optimistically into the future together.

"In the beginning I surfed on an ironing board, didn´t have a clue what vpn or zoom are...meanwhile much better equiped, with a real table and an office chair, behind a closed children´s room door, with a view of the viennese woods, I have everything under control." - Ákos


"The submission of our project in the 4th district ins nearing completion. From the sunny Wienerberg, work continues on getting it finished as quickly as possible; communication with the client and cooperation with the consultants are going extremely well. HMA shows once again that a strong team sticks together and always finds a way to keep the bond, even in extraordinary times." - Iulia


"Home Office - that was a quick decision for us. Before the weekend, everything was still normal and from Sunday evening onwards, the office was suddenly in the apartment. But what was so unusual at first quickly became routine: No morning bike ride trough Vienna, instead just the way to the kitchen and with the coffee in the hand to the working place. That is actually quite comfortable. I keep in touch with the outside world via emails and telephone, and even meetings via video conference are almost normal. What´s really missing: real people, personal contact, a bit of herd warmth..." - Barbara