HMA Home Stories - Part 2

" I do ÖBA and home office - so I am 1-3h daily for necessary work on the construction site in the 1st district. Construction meetings are digital. We have already installed additional sanitary units before the legal COVID-measures of the goverment. Daily desinfection of the sanitary units, protective mask and the companie´s own workrooms are part of the daily work schedule. Some companies only do emergency service - others work almost to full capacity. Additional effort: yes definetely. But the safety of the workers is the highest priority! On the construction site, considerate handling is a top priority." - Melanie


"The shortened way to work allows me to start earlier with our design of a new housing project. I like to spend the time gained with an extended lunch break in the sun. Nevertheless, one misses the company of one´s collegues in the long run - as a small consolation for this, there is fortunatly the daily virtual HMA coffee party. :) " - Philip


"Special circumstances require special measures-with this motto computer,mouse and keyboard were packed and brought straight into your own 4 walls. What initially appeared to be a personal and technical challenge now turns out to be a flexible working model and offers new possibilities for an efficient workflow. Nevertheless, I miss the personal contact and the excellent coffee and hope that we can soon resume our Vienna in familiar surroundings. At home in front of the PC it´s only half the fun." - Max