Wimpern über den Dächern der Stadt

Neubau, 1070 Vienna


Usable area: 400 m2

Year: 2012 - 2014

Profession: Architecture

In the area of conflict between the necessity of building law, urban design requirements, a volume of the existing attic that had not been approved by building law and the wishes of the client, we were particulary challenged to take innovative paths in this project. The design envisages two 3-room apartments on the first level of the development, and a large apartment above it, oriented in all directions. In order to meet the requirements of assigning open spaces to each apartments on the lower level across the entire street front. Large sliding doors merge the interior and exterior areas.

As an essential, shape-supporting element, sun protection was of particular importance. It lies like a second skin over the finishing volume. This mask fulfills all the requirements of transparency, shading, privacy, view, officially required closed over all impression, individuallity and lightness.